Summitt Forest Products | American Hickory – Piedmont Handsculpted – Buckskin
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American Hickory – Piedmont Handsculpted – Buckskin


American Hickory – Piedmont Handsculpted – Buckskin

8″ Wide and Features Massive 12′ Maximum Plank Length!

The hardest and most durable of North American hardwoods, Hickory (carya spp.) is a true Gem of the Forest.  Hickory is renowned for its beautiful variegated heartwood/sapwood coloration and unique rustic character, yet can be stained to a startling variety of colors to complement any design scheme.  Our standard grade for Founder’s Reserve floors is Rustic Grade, but we can also create a Custom Optioned Light Rustic or Select floor, with the entire natural Hickory color palette, but with fewer knots.

Summitt Forest Products is one of the very few flooring manufacturers with the expertise and equipment necessary to craft Hickory floors in extraordinary plank sizes – up to 12” wide and 12’ long!